(Cryo) Science Lab: Mechanical Winch Explosion

First of: Hi! Been lurkin’ 'round these fora for a while, been playing cata since the whales days
(back when I had a decent shot at understanding some of the code :p).

So, relatively powerful char, RM13 PA on and activated, raiding a Cryo Lab, at lvl -3, -4 or so.
I run into one of those storage rooms, the one with quite a few wire fences, a little office, crates,
AND a mechanical winch to open two metal gates. Pulled said winch, and was promptly met with
an explosion, and the question if I’d like to see my lifeless corpse lie there, mockingly,
while time ticks away…

Running the 0.C stable build, and the question is: what in the bloody bleeding blazes was that?

Was it a bug? Or merely a rare feature of labs I haven’t had the pleasure of encountering yet?
(or repressed…)

Now, the reason I ask is, this was a pretty tough dude we were talking about. I mean, RM13 (on),
light survivor suit underneath, some socks and boxer shorts, light survivor mask, all (K)'ed, (L)'ed and ++'ed.
From the flash I saw i think it must’ve been a 4-5 radius bang.

Thing is, I really don’t like savescumming, but you know how it is. I gave myself the option. If this
really is a thing, and someone provides me with a reasonable enough explanation, I can totally
accept Yet Another Pointless Death.

So, can anyone put my doubts to rest, either way?

Explored tons of labs, always used the winches for those sexy plutonium bars hiding within the crates,but I never encountered anything like that. Wasn’t it an artifact?

Did not have any artifact one me. I’d used one a day or so earlier,
that gave me teleglow, but I’d already been ectoplasm’d, so I figured that would have worn off…

Off the top of my head the most likely reason is there was a grenadier zombie in the cage, and it launched grenade hacks at you while you were opening the gate.

That’s always been pretty silly in my opinion, how you spend 3 minutes just soaking up damage while you slowly use a winch. It shouldn’t take that long to use IMHO, and you shouldn’t be dealing with shit while you’re still using it either.

It takes 3 minutes? I never noticed. It always felt like 12 secs ~

Well, I guess this is because you always took care of cleaning the area before breaking into a garage ! Not doing it lead me to a painful death and I now always use the backdoor to get in there.

I think it would be nice if we could stop using the winch if an enemy is spotted or if we take damage (like during reading or crafting or…).

Aah, I see. Derval is right, I had no clue that operating a winch costs 3 minutes, and is uninteruptible.

This does put the whole ‘scum or not to scum’ question smack dab in the middle of the grey zone :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess I’ll scum’im and see if it feels wrong…

From now on, I’ll smash the gates a few times berfore opening 'em, should give me and idea if the contents are… moving…

There is a distinct possibility that you won’t need to do that.