Operating a Winch leaves your character completely prone throughout the duration

A rather annoying bug that can easily get your character killed if you didn’t expect it.

Steps to reproduce:
-Operate a winch near a hostile mob.
-Watch as your character derps about as you take ten or so free hits.

Expected behavior:
-When operating a winch and taking damage or otherwise interacted with, the game should query the player if they want to cancel their current action.
-Also, it’s expected that the door should open after you finish the winch operation, not when you start.

Build this bug happens in: 3426 and probably all builds since the introduction of winches.
Apologies if this is a duplicate report, yeah.
Really upsetting to lose a character to a zombie that gets through the other side of the door and hits me a lot after I operate a winch. :<

I don’t think this is a bug but instead an oversight from when winchs were added. It does warrant a change, yea.

Not so much an oversight, as the simple fact that winches are so old that the current long action system didn’t really exist back then, meaning they still use the old “lose X turns instantly upon activating it” system that causes these problems. Shouldn’t be too complex of a change unless I’m not remembering some part of the code correctly.