Glass roof for vehicle and so for greenhouse

Hi everyone. Newbie here. First of all, thanks for really great and interesting game. Love it so much :heart:
Maybe someone suggest earlier, sorry, didnt found that. Maybe it will be a good idea - make glass roof for vehicle.
As i understand, farming is possible only outside and only in some seasons. I suggest, that we have two troubles with farming in winter - temperature outside and sunlight inside houses.
So, maybe its not so hard to make glass roof for vehicle that can pass sunlight inside. And as i know temperature inside vehicles always much higher, than outside. So with that option we can make greenhouse with vehicle parts.
Just glass walls on perimeter and glass roof.


So wait, you can’t build a garden/farm within a glass construct? Thought that you always could.

Well it’s not a perfect answer but I guess the best alternative would be to rely on the hydroponic mods to help build that greenhouse that your after.
Added with a portable heater to keep the area warm throughout the winter.

You can build glass windows but not skylights (pregenerated glass roofs are currently made of multiple skylights).

I use current stable version and there no hydroponics mod. Just a pots, but they can’t help in winter :slight_smile:

So hydroponics don’t work during winter? Dang, there goes that little work around.

I have Hydroponics and they seem to work in the winter (Then again I tend to build them underground.) I’m also not against the idea of vehicle greenhouses, but I’d say they might not be viable. I’d suggest listing examples of such a thing in real life and using that as the base.

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Don’t know about vehicle greenhouses, but a train greenhouse would be pretty rad.
Setup an attachable cart along with other carts that each serve a different purpose.

I write mostly not for greenhouse “on wheels”, but we can use vehicle parts for making building on our base. I think after the apocalypse every part must have new life :smiley:

Small farms have greenhouses and you could probably put a heater inside. Sometime you can find fancy houses with a winter garden. I think the only thing stopping your from building your own is the glass roof.

Yep, that’s what i talk about. Only glass roof and we, o think, can made own greenhouses