Vehical ideas to add

some ideas for some more vehicle mods (modifications not game mods) grow beds. mobile farms needs power to grow (aka the greenhouse light) more furniture mostly some more decor items like bookcases dresser a dinner table and chair, tv, game station, radio, things like that

Grow ops have been discussed A LOT. My understanding is that they might happen someday but they would be pretty finnicky and hard to work with. More furniture is a possibility but like all furniture in the game it would just be a flavor thing. Moreso since you can’t move it. Also, I don’t think anyone in their right mind would put a bookshelf in a moving vehicle. Dresser might be okay, but it would just be minor storage. Table and seats already exist. Tv is a possibility but all there is to watch is static, so better to just have an item DVD player. Same for games, an item version already exists ingame. Vehicless already have a radio/sound system, it’s part of the controls or dashboard.

One thing to keep in mind (especially with the grow ops) is there’s been a push lately to try to make a static lifestyle more possible/attractive in Cata, since normally everyone just builds a great big deathmobile and ignores all the construction stuff. Adding a bunch of furniture and the ability to grow crops on the road (basically the only thing static bases have over mobile at the moment) and you’re actively going against that push.

to be fair i did see a artist add a book shelf in their design of their character’s mobile base the books had a strap to hold them down or it could be like a metal locker just for books and i would say grow ops would be much weaker or expansive as heck to realy maintain (also i tend for bases that don’t move i just make a wheelless vehical to live in and a mobile one to move around in

I didn’t say you couldn’t put a strap on it, but then it would just be a cargo container, no? Or a storage board?

The issue isn’t the cost of producing food on the move, any endgame player can afford a few dozen solar panels or a couple of V12s on their truck if it means free, infinite fruits/veg. Ideally, it would be a matter of “You can farm in a static base, can’t farm with a mobile one”. Well, actually ideally static bases would have other advantages making them superior to mobile bases, but for the moment that’s one of the only ones.

ok i can see your point it could be added later when their are more reasons for a stable base tho