Bikes are too slow

I can safely do about 40 km/h irl, and I’m not even biking often. Also, slowing down to walking speed from a passenger is just stupid. I’d suggest increasing the bikes’ safe speed to at least 50 km/h, I’ve escaped from real dogs in real life before, it’s weird I can’d do something in a game, that I can do irl, it’s usually the other way around.

The problem I think is that the MPH/KPH numbers reported by the vehicles aren’t realistic, as long as you can hit 40MPH+, you’re faster than pretty much everything so that’s all you really care about, but in the low range what we report as 20MPH/40KPH or so isn’t accurate, and it doesn’t feel right because people know they should be able to outrun most things on a bicycle.
I’m not sure what you mean about bicycles moving slower than walking, for one thing “walking” in the game is actually running, and for another bicycles do move faster than a running player. I’ve consistently been able to lose zombie dogs on a bicycle, so I’m not sure what you’re seeing that’s different. Perhaps something changed recently, I’ll look into it.

I mean my only choices are 12 km/h and 24 km/h and the latter is not safe, though I can loose zombies with it. Is there any kind of fine tuning ability, maybe a go with max safe speed button? And for the walking speed I mean when I have an NPC on the back.

I had that problem before. I’m not sure if STRength actually is taken into consideration in order to calculate the max bike speed (well, it uses MUSCLE fuel, so it’d make sense) but my experience seems to suggest that you can only get to max possible speed if your character has 10 or more STR.

My guy with 8 STR wasn’t able to outrun shocker zombies, but another 10 STR one was able to do so without problems. By outrun I mean that you can outrun them, but by a very small margin, and they always catch up with you when making a turn, not to mention that you’re always at zapping range. That particular character was finally shocked to death while riding the bike. While in full health, mint condition, etc.