Crazy Things (With A Couple Of Mods)

As of the latest experimentals (around the time that the Fuji Mod has been mainlined), Xotto’s Cosmetics mod is no longer working, and I can no longer seem to get Slow Zombies working.

Kevin Granade posted that the latter mod should still work, even after the inclusion of the Monster Speed setting in the options, as it only affects creatures with the ‘zombie’ flag. However, even when switching the ‘obsolete’ flag from true to false, the mod no longer seems to work.

Any ideas, on either of these two?

Okay, ignore my report about the Slow Zombies mod not working.

I freaked out when the zombies in the barn (at the farm) where I started seemed super fast. That’s because they had spawned in before I was able to activate the mod. All other zombies appear to be behaving themselves. :smiley:

Xotto’s Cosmetics Mod, however, is still broken, so it would be great if somebody could work out what’s going on with that, since those recent changes to how tilesets function…

The bug with the overlays has now been fixed.

Yay!!! :smiley:

Aww, and I just downloaded the mod. And by not working you mean that it’s not showing up in the debug menu?

EDIT: The cosmetics mods I mean

As stated above, the mod is now working again… :wink:

Yeah, it just doesn’t show up in the debug menu. (Or am I just stupid about it? I’m not familiar with debug menus :sweat_smile:)

You have to go through the Mutations menu. Just pick the hair-style, skin-tone, whatever you want, and then they should appear on your character… :smiley: