[02ce2f3] Using a previous version save, game crashes while wandering in town

Well I’ve finally gotten to a point where apparently bringing my old character from previous versions isn’t working for newer versions. I’m not certain what exactly is causing the crash but it seems to happen only in town, perhaps when it’s trying to generate a map.

Creating a new world and dropping the saved character doesn’t seem to help either, nor does dropping everything on the character.

I have tested this on build 2536, and it seems fine. Crashes seem to happen at builds 2556 and 2557. Upon request, I can send the save.

Starting a new character at least doesn’t seem to have this problem. If old game saves just won’t be compatible, feel free to remove this post.

Possible you’re encountering an active-item crash. We’re working on it.

I am having the same problem with 0.B-2559.
edit: I also just tried 0.B-2555 and it has the same problem at the same point.

It seems to be at the edge of the reality bubble.