Crafting very large batches

Is there a way to craft very large batches of quick-to-craft items? I ask because with the faction camp hunting/butchery system I tend to end up with a ton of scraps of meat left over. Now, they add up eventually, and are pretty quick to batch craft (especially with NPCs cutting down the time) but even batches of 20 are a ton of tedious button presses when I’ve got hundreds of them lying around. Is there a way to do a mega-batch of say 200 or so, to cut down on player effort?

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Unfortunately not really.

Consider making them into sausage instead. It’s 20 scraps per sausage recipe. And you should have more than enough fat as well with butchering enough to get 200 scraps of meat.

I usually do make sausage, but I typically run out of fat well before I run out of scraps.

autohotkey script :slight_smile: or just throw source items out, spawn appropriate amount of resulting items and skip the time it’d take you to craft them?

If you self-compile your game it’s very easy to increase the batch limit. In crafting_gui.cpp, around line 300, you can change the value of 20 to something else.

Bind “craft as long as possible” in keybindings menu.


Does that give batch crafting time savings?

How about adding a new batch option? Custom, where you set the amount yourself.

with few receipes: you can add recipe to JSON files (or better make your own mod), with everything multipled by 10. Easier than compile game. Just take care not to count bath crafting bonus twice

To elaborate on the craft as long as possibble command, you can batch craft it, and it will craft batches as long as possibble, so you can still get the full batch crafting bonus while doing this.