Unable to craft in camp workshop (via the bulletin board)

I was able to order my NPC to make a batch of three (x100) nails in the camp workshop, but now the maximum batch size is zero, despite having plenty of material and charcoal in the rock forge. NPC is way above the required skill. I have tried moving materials between stockpiles, unloading and reloading the forge, etc, but no nails can be made. What might be causing this?


Edit: Even stranger - I can order one batch of “Pipe”, despite it having the same requirements as “Nail” and using more of the materials. I should be able to order hundreds of each with the materials I have available.


I need about 700 more nails to complete the canteen, and a batch of 100 takes me 3h7m to craft - that’s 21h49m in total… I went through the trouble of building the workshop expansion partly so I would be able to mass produce things like nails, so it’s a little frustrating that it can’t be used. I’ve created a Basecamp: storage zone on top of a Loot: scrap metal zone right next to the anvil, and I’ve dumped 500 scrap metal on it. I’ve checked and double checked that all the necessary tools are present and within reach (they do show up green on the misson screen; just making sure). What else can I try?

Write a bug report https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues and make sure to attach a save (which might be tricky). Debugging issues are without being able to reproduce them is very hard, and might not be attempted.