Batch crafting

If you ever wanted to craft entire waterskin of clean water or coffee without unnecessary hassle of choosing target container multiple times, now you can! Well… as soon as the feature is merged into experimental.

You can craft batches of size 1 - 20. Works with everything but reversible items (those items which shows specific components in their description). Especially useful for items with multiple variable inputs (where you have to select which input you want to use), multiple crafting stations (where you have to pick which crafting station you want to use) and liquids (where you have to pick a target container). You still need to select these, but you will do it only once per batch and not zillion times as with ‘repeat last craft’ ability.

Can you do with making arrows? Such as not having to craft exactly 10 shafts but any number? And the arrow recipe not requiring exactly 10 shafts, but any number?

You still have to craft in multiples of original recipes. So you can craft 1x10 shafts or 20x10 shafts but not 55 shafts. Same with arrow recipes, it will still require multiples of original required components.

Can you make a batch of liquids and share them out into multiple containers, or does your batch have to fit into a single container?

You can pour liquid from batch into multiple containers. If the first container you select is not large enough to contain it all, you will be asked for additional containers.

Edit: By the way, Kevin already merged batch crafting into experimental. You can try it out by selecting recipe in crafting menu and pressing [‘b’]atch. To return from batch screen to previous screen, press [‘b’]atch again.