A list of things, mainly crafting recipes

Rock + Rock = Sharp Rock (Survival 0)
Poor man’s knife. Do many of the same tasks, but slower and worse.
(Using a rock on a rock to shape it is called knapping. It’s a slow and loud process.)

Sharp Rock + Heavy Stick (mop, 2x4, etc) + string (duck tape) = Crude Axe (Survial 0)
Poor man’s axe.

Flax (plant) -> Crude Linen String (Survival 0?)

Rock + Rock = Rock Spear Head (Survival 1)

Rock + Rock = Rock arrow head (survival 2)

Pine Tree + Knife (sharp object) = Pine Pitch

Pine Pitch + Rag + Stick = Torch

Reeds (plant)
Used in various crafting.

Reeds x3 = Bowl (not water tight)

Reeds x4 = Fish Trap

Reeds x4 = Water tight bowl (survival 4)

Reeds x20 = Sleep Mat
Slightly more comfortable then the ground.

Ash - From burned wood. Used in tanning.

Fur + ash x 3 + Knife = Leather.
(Tanning and curing can be a complex process and how much stuff you want to allow for just depends on you. Salt can be used for curing skins to allow for fur coats. A cured skin can still be tanned into leather later on. Either way you need to use a knife to get rid of fat and other tissues)

Bone (small, medium, large) - User in crafting

Small bone + knife = bone needle

Concept: Improvised Bags
Curtain Bag:
Wielding a curtain provides a large bag. This is however vary encumbering and disallows carrying a weapon.
Shirts, Blankets, etc are also possible items to do this with.

Ducktape should be useable in more recipes to replace string.


Flexible branch - Used for construction/crafting.

Flexible Branch x 20 = Small Hut (Survival 3)

(2 x 4) x 10 = Ladder
(I remember reading the map is 3d, but don’t know how implemented that is.)

Apple Tree
Orange Tree
Lime Tree
Lemon Tree
Cherry Tree
Rasberry bush (thorns)
Blackbery bush (thorns)
Ferns (not useful?)

Perhaps someone should buy a botany book and list some of the more useful items for implementation?

Additional Suggestions:
Generator: Attachable to a buildings wiring? Remember to flip the breaker! Don’t want to power the whole neighbor hood. Constructable! (Already have most of the parts!)
Machinist bench: Ultimate in metal part fabrication. Should be required for many of the more complex items.
Multitool: These are common as dirt now a days!
Duffle Bag: Huge and encumbering. Going to need to drop it if the zombies catch you.
Map: Should show you a bunch of the terrain.
Rechargeable batteries & battery charger: a godsend during the apocalypse.
Fake Sword: Melee weapon made for display, not use. Should do less damage and break eventually, but be a decent melee weapon until it does.
Golf Club: Four!

A word on inventory/containers:
If a container has to be ditched or breaks you should be forced to drop all it’s contents. This could be accomplished by assigned inventory to containers as it’s picked up. If this is already done behind the scenes that it’s that much easier. If I got a horde of zombies trailing me I’d rather ditch the backpack and live then die for it’s contents. Besides, I can go back and get it later.

Sneaking/Stealth: Planned feature?

Windows: How about simply hanging curtains or closing the drapes to stop people/zombies from seeing you. But if you are too noisy inside that there house…

What I love about games like this is that they allow so many different ways to go about things.
One thing I really feel the game needs right now is for houses to be a bit more crowded with furniture and what not. Maybe standardize room sizes a bit more and have pre written layouts. (have help from people in the forums?) Houses feel very empty right now. Also barricades for windows and doors feel wimpy as heck. I feel zombies should take some damage as they bash against a barricade. Hastily thrown barricades should definitely be prone to damage, but being able to improve barricades or barricade with metal or improve wooden barricades with metal so they are impervious to regular zombies wouldn’t really be unbalancing. Barricading a house shouldn’t be the problem. Getting out when you run out of food should. :slight_smile: Long term thinkers would turn to farming. I feel this should eventually be added to the game. I love this game! Keep up the awesome work! :slight_smile:

I’ll probably post more later.

Most of this is planned already, the survival stuff (Knapping and whatnot) will probably make it in as soon as Shoes finishes his temperature mod, so living in the wilderness becomes a tad harder.

Darkling, any comment on zombies having superhuman scent?

Not going to lie, I saw the title and thought ‘oooh, manly crafting recipes’.

I want all these things.

Build all the things!

I actually fixed that. It seemed like whales had everything with default super smell.

I went in and added a MF_KEENNOSE and added that to specific animals, then changed what mobs without keen nose could smell.

It’s kinda cool to look back and see how far we’ve come. This was my first post ever on the forums and to see how much of it is now in game is awesome. Hats off to you devs!

I love having seen this after a number of those features have either already been mainlined or put in my mod. o3o