Nail Bat Nail Board Crafting

Nail Bats and Nail Boards can be made using 1. Rocks 2. Hammers but NOT 3. Stone Hammers


[quote=“Cinghiale, post:1, topic:2092”]Nail Bats and Nail Boards can be made using 1. Rocks 2. Hammers but NOT 3. Stone Hammers


I would assume a rock attached to a stick with strings a very , very flimsy tool. You’d better get your hands dirty and pick up a stone since the world will never run out of stones.

Wha…wha…WHAT?! The stone hammer can hew large stones into shovel spades and axe heads but CAN’T tap metal nails into pliable wood?! Moreover, its component rock suddenly gains this ability if separated from its sticks and twine? If that’s case why make the hammer at all?! And even granting that point why can’t you grip the hammer head in your palm and, rocklike, ram the nails in?! AND FURTHERMO- brain explodes

Dude , in the cataclysm logic don’t applies. But you’re right , it’s way too hard to get your ass up and crawl for the stone pile right outside the house , But yeah , it’s a bug so someone has to go and fix this itsy bitsy tiny missunderstanding of how stones work.

I don’t agree that it’s a small bug. What if you threw every rock for 600 squares in every direction in the river, falsely assured in the efficacy of your stone hammer? And when you backtracked to find an actual hammer you remembered that you burned down every building in a crack fueled hysteria, which may or may not have also been the cause of the Great Rock Holocaust. I would never do such a thing but it might be problematic for less cautious players >_>

I actually pulled in a fix for this just today. Nailbats and Nailboards (and quite a few other recipes) can now be made with stone hammers (or integrated toolsets) in place of normal ones in the dev version.

raises hand

If it’s any consolidation and reassurement of the existence of these types of people, let it be known that I’ve been known to raze towns in this game, because I couldn’t be arsed to set waypoints on the map designating what building were clear. And boy, was that a lot of fire that playthrough.

Thanks! Unfortunately my character died last night but I don’t think a nail board would have saved him anyway. He was too good for this world, the angel.

Also, hatchets and rocks now work as hammers in a lot of recipes where they didn’t before.