Crafting a First Aid kit? (liquids + bottles?)

I’m learning a few crafting modding steps. But have hit a little snag. Trying to craft a first aid kit, leaves me with either and empty plastic bottle, or inability to craft a first aid kit. As the bottle with the saline solution/eye drops in is unable to be used if containing eye drops.

Is there a workaround or am I just missing a flag or option?

How are you doing the bottle containing either saline/eye drops? I get the suspicion you might have to write the recipe either as bottle containing saline OR bottle containing eye drops or you might have to make the eye drops a separate recipe.

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Possibly. I’ve figured out part of my error was copying off First Aid kits, which are uncraft, not “reversible”. testing now with a reversible crafting recipe, so it goes direct from what is inserted (I was testing different pills/disinfectants, and realised that’s where I first messed up, as I was disassembling into the default crafting recipe, not the actual components).