Coverage is too awesome

For example if you wear two armors with 95% coverage, the attacker has only 0.25% chance to hit you on an unprotected spot.

IRL if you wear two clothes on the same body part, they will protect mostly the same parts of your body part. A briefs will not protect the parts left unprotected by a jeans.

My suggestion, use only one random percentage number against the armor coverages for each hit.
So if this number is 12% then both jeans and brief will protect. If 55% then only the jeans will protect. And above 95% the attacker has a lucky, unprotected hit.

Not really. Something can hit my legs and thereby go through my jeans, but not my underwear. And there are total-coverage armors in the game.

Xe means how it’s calculated, it re-rolls every time,.
For example if you’re wearing boxers and jean shorts, both of which have something like 30% leg coverage, there’s a 30% chance of an attack hitting either, when in reality it should be all-or-nothing.
In the worst case, wearing two of the exact same thing halves your chnces of being hit with no protection.
I agree, and just haven’t gotten around to fixing it.