Coverage, Encumbrance and Warmth split for body parts

I’m not a coder so its only a suggestion.
The point is that a duster covers yours whole torso(~90%) and arms(~95%) but not so about the legs(~50%),
it should reflect into warmth, encumbrance and protection.

Dev here. If you’re referring to a duster you’ve got IRL and it doesn’t cover your legs effectively, it might be closer to DDA’s concept of a trenchcoat instead. About the only difference in-game is that the duster covers legs.

(Mine IRL is decidedly a trenchcoat.)

This was a point of some friendly contention for a while before we merged in the dusters, so confusion is understandable.

Coverage being split up by body part might eventually go in, and it’s definitely on my personal to-do list, but it’s a lot of work for very minimal gain, so it’s rather low on said list.

In principle, it’s a neat idea, but I agree, a lot of work.