Copper spray

Well, I was talking to my friend and we do horticulture together, and I was telling him about the fungus stalks bursting through your hands, and he said “Oh, too bad he didnt have copper spray then” (which if you dont know kills fungus)

Anyways, I think copper spray could be added as a effective way of killing fungus and destroying the fungus towers. Also, if farming was added itd be a way to keep crops safe.

Well, wouldn’t help with the fungus inside your body. And we already got plenty of way to kill those mushrooms. Like fire. Did I told you I like fire?

I like fire too, fires a very good method for everything xD Im just suggesting an alternative

You could use the fire on the fungus inside your body…It may end your game but it is still more exiting to drink an active molotov than press Q Y

Or drink Bleach (not an Amanda Todd joke)

Does the CBM: Blood Filtration help for that?

No idea

Does the CBM: Blood Filtration help for that?[/quote]
One of two major reasons to install the CBM: it removes drug debuffs (but not the painkiller/morale/addiction) & kills Fungal infections.