Copper Pot Is Cooking?

So I’ve just been preparing some food on a wood stove in a pizza parlor, and then suddenly discovered that I couldn’t cook anything else. I checked the wood stove, only fo find that my copper pot had mysteriously disappeared! So I wished for another once, and then dropped it on the stove, only to see that it had changed into a ‘burnt copper pot’.

So that is why my copper pots keep on disappearing.

I didn’t have any trouble cooking with a normal pot back at my base, so I think this must be a bug…

That isn’t on the stove but putting it inside the stove, to be burned, just have it sitting nearby and it will work. I know you find them in the stove to start with, lets just say that is where they keep the pots when not using them.

Yeah, it’s a bug. Sort of.

Okay, as long as it’s a known issue… :slight_smile:

My main question is why was your pot in the fire itself in the first place?

What, are you not supposed to throw your food filled pot in the fire when cooking?

Because, as it currently stands in-game, I am not able to stand the pot above the heat source, as I would in real life… :wink:

So role playing purposes.

Pretty much, yeah… :wink: