Copper Pot full of water burning away on oven?

A lot of the time I’ve kept varous pots and things, sometimes with stuff in them on to of an oven and never run into an issue. Can be nice for a bit of an automatic defrost of your water. But my copper pot full of water just vanished away when I did it in 0.D. Just burned away to ash. I am thoroughly confused.

hmm … some weird issue there…

but its funny tho, you defrost a water on cooper pot using oven… few minutes later it turns to ash…
nuclear powered oven maybe?


Lol, just accept fire is the consumer of all things, living or not, and you’ll be set for the rest of the game.
(And the fact that most things burn before they melt, that’s why forging things without proper equipment can ruin a lot of metal too…)

Fun read:

Copper wouldn’t melt in a stove top fire. Else it wouldn’t be a object to cook one’s food with. But. Here is hoping for a fix sometime in the future right :wink:

I didn’t say it would melt… I said it would burn, there is a difference… The one reason copper isn’t a staple of cooking is because it burns on a stove top fire, resulting in companies needing to rinse the copper is carcinogenic chemicals to keep the copper from burning into the food. Those carcinogens are why people don’t want to use copper to cook 90% of the time, as they scrap off very easy with a steel spatula…
Also using it’s antimicrobial property would take a long time to take effect, thats why most hospitals use tin/stainless steel dipped in a solution as it is quicker and easy to produce, and doesn’t leave copper stains wherever it is applied.