Can't Craft Stone Pot

Latest Experimental - 10163

I don’t know why, but since 10125 later, the Stone pot I just can’t craft it anymore, I can’t find it on the menu.(But I can still found it on debug menu…)

It was removed, if I recall correctly… It probably still exists in the debug menu because it was migrated, so leaving it in the game keeps it from breaking saves where the item already exists, but still prevents new ones from being generated/crafted.

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It was removed because the devs thought the recipe was unrealistic (and it was). However, clay alternatives are somewhat easily made these days. Clay can be easily obtained by digging with a digging stick (may take several attempts); then made into a clay pot with a campfire and a little survival/fabrication skill.

Clay pots are…actually better than metal alternatives these days (slightly lower weight with the same qualities) unless you feel like bashing things with it.

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You can also just make a second brazier it has a cooking value of 2 I believe. Though according to the item viewer website it states 1. Just checked it only has cooking 1, Nevermind. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: