Pot shortage

I spawned between two towns and while I didn’t explore them thoroughly before I was ripped limb from limb by a horde of ambulatory undead, I went into like thirty houses. Didn’t find a single pot. Plenty of marijuana, though, for those of you misunderstanding the subject line.

I had to make a pot out of stones and string. Which … doesn’t make sense. Seriously, is this a thing? Stone pots?

Pots are fairly rare, yes; if you’re not particularly lucky you can go for a long time before seeing one.

And I agree, the stone pot recipe is just weird. But it works, praise Armok!

The recipe is indeed a little strange. I can understand the rocks, since if your stones are fairly close together in hardness you might completely wear through one while carving another into a bowl/pot (meaning you need 3), but I have no idea what the string is being used for (protecting your “chisel” from the hammer maybe?).

Well, there is no considerable replacement for the stone oven, concerning some recipes - if that’s consoling.
Other than that, cooking wild life meat is known to be much more rewarding (both quality and timewise) if done with stone accessories.

I have to say the stone pot is one of those things that peeves me just a bit. Seriously, lacking a pot to boil your water you don’t go and carve one from rocks, you throw some stones in your fire and, once they are hot enough, you dump them in the water. As long as you keep the rocks moving around, and don’t let them just sit at the bottom, the water even keeps the surface temp of the stones below ignition/melting point of most containers.

With a bit more skill you can even boil water in a brown paper lunch bag. The 249 degree difference between boiling point of water and the flash point of paper is more then enough to reach an equilibrium temp that keeps the out side of the bag dry, but unburned, while still allowing the water to reach boiling point.

At the very least you should be able to boil water in an empty tin can.

All of these are slower then a conventional pot. Perhaps a second clean water recipe could be used for such things, but with a much higher time cost?

I always thought the string was for holding the 3 stones together, which doesn’t make sense but I just rolled with it anyway

I could see a boil water with rocks option, though if it went in I can also easily see it not working with certain containers due to opening sizes (plastic bottles I’m looking at you) and also containing a small chance of destroying whatever container you use the method in (mainly for plastic containers), potentially based on your survival skill.

You’re mistaking. Greatly, it is possible.
I was implying that a survivalist puts in use whatever he has in his disposal.
There is a reason why disposable containers are MADE disposable (you can poison yourself badly if you misuse some sort of a tin can). Only to show it, you don’t cook stuff in glass containers. You cook them in fireproof glass and value that mean of food preparation.
There is an item that one can easily make in order to survive - it is made out of standardized plastics, includes a cord (but it is proven to work with a car battery) and resembles a hotplate in function - only for liquids. Now THAT is an item to have if there are no 75+ houses in your vicinity to take sealed liquid from.

I’m also short on frying pans which is a problem if you want to finally add that RV unit to your monstertruck. Maybe generate pots, pans and cutlery in the cupboards in the kitchens?

Why not just make this simpler… just boil water in a glass bottle, that’s survival 101.

all you need to do is empty a rotten milk bottle fill it with water and fire it up, and you should be set.
This should happen

[quote=“Rookrune, post:10, topic:1281”]Why not just make this simpler… just boil water in a glass bottle, that’s survival 101.

all you need to do is empty a rotten milk bottle fill it with water and fire it up, and you should be set.
This should happen[/quote]

Not exactly. When boiling water in a glass (and even more so with plastic) bottle you have to take great care in not letting the flames lick the bottom. If you don’t, all you will get is a burnt bottle and a soggy campfire.

Other thing is, you could have 3-5 skill in mechanics and take whatever you need from an oven, but that’s an overburn on the subject.

TBH I don’t actually see the difficulty in finding a pot, I found 2 of them in the same building about 3 minutes after spawning in and have a few of them in my bike incase I find a NPC around Never will

I guess I must just be lucky because everything that seems to be rare, I find in abundance, while finding a little bit of copper wire seems to be my bane, over 30 hardware stores and not so much as a frayed fragment of a copper band…

Copper wire is very abundant in electronics stores. I have occasionally found it in hardware stores too, so you were not really looking in the wrong place.

Sometimes I go for a long time without a pot. Sometimes I find one right away. Not that they are very useful. Boiling water is so incredibly tedious I hunt down or craft a water purifier as soon as possible.

Re: Copper Wine. Try electronics stores instead.

The problem is the RNG is a fickle mistress. I just hit Summer Day 1 in my game and haven’t seen one pot, but then I also haven’t found much in the way of outlying buildings to to ransack either. Fortunately I’ve found loads of water on dead nerds, so it hasn’t been an issue yet. Moreover, in 8 med-large cities +2 screaming huge metropolises there is a total of one gun store, that I haven’t been able to fight my way too yet. I’ve got 2 chainsaws and a jackhammer, but haven’t been able to locate a screwdriver. I’ve drugs out the bum but no x-Quil for my cold (I love you, you giant fucking Q). There are also two semis, a truck with a 5.2L and motor-trike parked in front of my farm, but i can’t find a raincoat, or enough plastic bags to make one.

Interesting I found a pot in my game on Spring Day 2 in one of the houses on the outskirts of town, though in other games I haven’t had really much luck in finding pots. Thats the RNG for you I suppose.

I’ve not had a game yet where I didn’t manage to find a pot or frying pan in my initial plundering of the nearest suburb. I’ve had several games where I went through multiple towns without locating a hotplate, though. It’s all luck.

Yes. Where’s my two-way R in .5? A deep mystery.

What level skills to make a stone pot?