Converting the game into using higher game engine, possible?


Well, if someone wants to work on a 3D version of the game and mods, I’d hope they’d be compatible with the ascii version XD


wishing that to be true :smile:

but if i remember correctly, Unreal or any higher engine doesn’t support ASCII (true or not?)


Not sure personally, but I don’t imagine any new implements would be too hard to incorporate from the Unreal engine. A lot of it would be just dumbed down lol


ayy i see one hint there :smile:

that’s why it took possibly 3-4 weeks to just deploy one experimental update build.


Shit, I don’t even remember what version I’m using. But it’s an older one.


what version? CDDA or?


I believe it was a stable build


ohh yeah, old one… stable build is zero-bug good but doesnt have new feature experimental build has…


I’ve heard too many complaints about different features like freezing liquids and such. I don’t have acid rain from what I’ve seen. That’s my only disappointment with this build.


but your build is zero-bug, well kind of… but good enough.
but if you want something new, try the latest experimental build.


Can’t be fucked trying to download using my 300kb connection lol


ayy that is good connection…

my download speed is only 120-130kbps…


Well, my download speed using the app store is about 300kb ps, using the browser probably 70 lol


kek :smile:

well its 82Mb in size so download it when the time is right.


anything is possible if you throw enough money at it.

what you’re asking would be limited by assets. in cataclysm dda, adding an asset is as simple as adding a couple lines of text and using a generic icon for it. in a 3d engine, it requires modeling and texturing a world item as well as a representative icon. you also have to deal with texture memory limits based on the game engine.

the game 7 days to die might scratch your itch for a 3d crafting zombie survival game. it’s set in a random voxel world and you can customize it to your hearts content.

now as a side note, i could see this game being ported over to unity using 2d mode and tiles.


Been following along and a lot to take in, so if this were mentioned sorry I missed it.

Wasnt there an attempt to make cata 3d a while back using voxel, i think the name was? The developement had just stopped but if i remember right, it seemed to work quite well. I would have to search but i think the old stuff is still out there.

And as far as being tile/turn based 3d, imo it would seem that would be the best way to go and keep it like it is. Another example would be the game Simutrans, tho that is a realtime game.

Lots of ideas floating around, anyone going to take it on yet? Or this is just discussion and conjecture at the moment?


Let me give you the bottom line:
3D tile-set for CDDA is a technically conceivable idea. Plenty of turn-based tile-based games that already exist prove pretty clearly there is no fundamental reason why it will not work. However, it will be just that: a tile-set. So the 3D will not feedback back into gameplay.
Now, actually creating such tile-set (that would include all the assets) is a labor-intensive task to such an extent that it’s practically impossible to accomplish. Most people who can create at least a scaffold for such tile-set are busy doing things (for CDDA) they deem more practical. Why exactly a 3D tile-set would be better than 2D one is not even clear.

Oh, and anything that goes beyond a 3D tile-set would likely be incompatible with the current code anyway, so you might as well just make a new game from scratch if that’s what you are aiming for.


Ok so dug a little bit and found the following…

Sorry for the mobile links, on my phone atm. So any takers? Someone want to usher in the new era that is Cataclysm DDA 3d?


As far as 3d better than 2d i think is arbitrary. I believe its just aesthetic is all. I am of the same belief that it matters little in gameplay terms.

But what if you could include the z levels? See the zombie on the 2nd floor of a mansion as you approach and fall out the window to get you, falling to the ground. Not to mention if the flying vehicles aspect ever gets implemented.


I remember this :slight_smile: sad it didnt get much further