Annyone have experirnce with unreal engine?

I’ve got the idea of using cataclysm as a base to learn unreal engine.
I’m basically starting from scratch, but any help I find online includes extra stuff to what i’m after.
Anyone on here know the workings of unreal engine that might be able to help with my couple (many) questions.

Sorry if this makes no sense, i’m knackered

If you are starting from scratch (i.e. without knowledge of any game engine and related programming languages), as a solo developer and just want to get something done, Unity engine will likely allow you to do this faster and easier than Unreal Engine 4 which have much steeper learning curve and requires more work to do anything.

If you want to use Unreal Engine, here are some useful resources:
Unreal Engine 4 Documentation
Unreal Engine 4 Discord
Unreal Engine Answers (Stack Overflow equivalent for UE4, you can look for similar questions and ask your own here)

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Thanks for that Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms 'lander.
I’ve tried going through the documentation, but everytime I get two hours in and i’m no closer to what I was looking for.
I’ll give unity another go. Tried it ages ago, but prefered unreal for some reason.