Allow mods to change hard-coded stuff!

-I don’t have anywhere near the knowledge to mess around with this sort of programming stuff myself, I can only really do some json stuff. However, it would probably be very useful for some modders if this was possible, since otherwise you’d need to to have it as a new .exe instead from what I understand. It’s like downloading the game a second time, just to get the benefits from the mod. I have no clue how hard this would be - some day I’ll be an expert programmer but that is not today or any time soon - but it would probably be very nice if this was a thing.

In short: Not possible.

In long: The hardcode is just that, hard code. It’s written in C(something) which means it can’t be directly interpreted by your computer. It has to be compiled into binary before it can be run. If you made all the hardcode accessible in the game the download would be enormous, and you would have to spend a few hours compiling it every time you wanted to play it.

It is possible to move some things from hardcode to JSON like I recently did with climate controlled clothing, but there’s a limit to how much of that can be done, and too much of it would balloon the game’s code something shocking.

Too bad, that would’ve been pretty nice to be able to do.

yeah, code is like base structure of a building. so its not easy to do some alteration.