Anyone remember animated 3D tileset for Nethack?

The animated 3D tileset for Nethack
Its possible something like that here or its too different system?

How hard, from a programmer point of view, its adapt CDDA to GTA2?
Of course this is all purely theoretical.

Sorry for my english.

Fairly sure it used noteye engine to do this.

Its the same as irrlicht engine?
That mean its possible here?

There was an older project that was working on animated textures, or even animated 3d models, called NoeGNUd. It was by the Vulture guy, but he abandoned it years back.
Shame, because it was a really nice Nethack frontend, I liked it better than Falcon’s Eye/Vulture’s isometric approach.

How hard is implement 3D in CDDA?

Reworking things to use a 3d engine of some kind? Moderately difficult, the real problem would be if you wanted to use 3d models instead of 2d tile-based cardboard standees, since then you’d have to model thousands of things.

True, but you could combine 2d and 3d, and many items can do a “looks like” until they are replaced.

Perhaps ask/buy from other games? Or maybe there are some free ones around. Many mod makers just want be credited.
Model again wolves, bears, zed that are already made somewhere its like a avoidable loss of time.
Not sure if I m writing clear. English is not my native lang.

we already have the ability to render isometric tilesets, however it won’t render multiple Z levels as nicely as say a game like project zomboid does, try out an isometric tileset and see how that feels

Hypothetically speaking:
How hard, from a programmer point of view, its adapt CDDA to GTA2?
I mean: mod gta2 inserting cdda.

I would expect to hit a wall with that pretty fast, GTA2 is not at all suited to the task.

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