Converting bolognas to cooked meat

i wouldn’t call it a bug, maybe an exploit, but it’s funny nonetheless :).

Meat sandwiches can be disassembled into bread and cooked meat, regardless of what ingredients were used to make it. I have made it with bolognas, for example. Now i can use that recipe to craft aspic, which is non perishable - a good way to store those bolognas indefinitely :).

Definitely what I’d call an exploit hahaha. Not the worst one though, not by far.

You shouldn’t probably even be able to disassemble sandwiches, I mean, the bread would get moisty thanks to the meat…

Sandwiches can also be made with hard tack.

Moisty is my new favorite word.

yeah, not gamebreaking for sure :smiley:

This actually forms a different Question: Why >can’t< you make Aspic from Bologna, or basically from most sausages or meat products? There is Fish-Aspic out there, and even Curry-Aspic (Thailand, of course :P), Why not a Sausage/Bologna Aspic?