Dehydrated meat and rotting meat

Basically, I raided a spider basement, decided to get all the meat so I can turn them into dehydrated meat and then into protein powder so I can make a keg full of protein drinks and shakes. As it turns out, spider basements hold an immense crapton of meat… a nearly cargo container full of them.

I run back to base and get to dehydrating. Anyways, halfway through I realize that the meat has become rotten, and yet I can still make dehydrated meat out of it. It doesn’t say that it’s rotten, and it’s just sitting there mixed up with the pile of dehydrated meat I’ve been crafting.

So… is it some sort of bug, or can I really craft safe to consume and use dehydrated meat despite the rotten ingredients?

If you can, then that seams like a bug.

this work with meat jerky too if my memory is well (havent seen animal for long time, only hordes of fungaloids)