Crafting System Exploits

The new crafting system makes mass crafting food exploitable. Of course, its a single player game so you can choose not to use it.

But personally, I don’t like the fact that when you butcher a moose, you can only cook/dehydrate around 1/4 of it before the rest spoils(hyperbole).

All you have to do? Craft whatever you want using the meat(like dehydrated meat) and don’t complete it, but keep crafting new batches and it’ll turn into the new food, then when all you have are in progress dehydrated meats (0%) and no raw chunks of meat, start crafting them. They’ll have the spoilage rates of dehydrated meat but they’re not dehydrated meats yet. This exploit really only works on foods with a long time before spoilage.

Its quite annoying to craft food that ends up rotting right as you craft it or right before.

Would it be possible to pause spoilage during cooking, and can there be an option to batch craft more than 20 items at once? This way, you would be able to cook an entire moose without it spoiling as you cook it.


I wouldn’t call it an exploit as of what you mentioned earlier because of the food spoiling while crafting it, and spoiling the whole batch as a result of accidently crafting with rotten food.

Well it’s sort of a exploit, you do nothing to the meat but the spoilage rates slow down because you made it an in-progress craft.

Technically you have done something to the meat. You’ve already started the process of drying/smoking/salting. It’s not like you can eat the in progress craft, so you still have to finish prepping it.

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It’s a temporary exploit since the system will eventually make dehydrating meat largely a passive process where you set it up and walk away and the percent increases on its own.


Isn’t the current smoking rack construction already set up that way?

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If you can using the 3L jars, you can can an enormous amount of meat in a short time, getting around the spoilage problem for moose/other large animals, but that requires having 20+ 3L jars on hand which is difficult until you can make them (if that’s even vanilla)

It’s in vanilla, it’s just the glassmaking book is pretty rare.

Yeah, in all my games over the years I’ve only had one character make extensive use of the glassblowing book to mass produce jars.

3L jar is part of the aesthetic kit recipe, so I’ve been finding a use for the glassblowing book with my late game character.

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What’s the best way to mass produce anthestic kits? Getting Ether and the medicine is so expensive, and I haven’t found a sensory dulling cbm either

At the time I had an atomic coffee machine, so I just spent the nights batch crafting booze -> ethanol -> ether. Barrels of liquor from a mansion basement provided the raw material. Takes a lot of time, but since I wasn’t doing much during the nights anyways it worked out pretty well.