Content for Bright-nights mod?

I like the concept behind the brightnights mod and was wondering if I could contribute to it with some simple json content (mostly buildings, dungeons and vehicles) that wouldn’t necessary fit with the main game.

I wanted to ask Coolthulhu if he has already thought of something in particular about what kind of buildings the mod should have. And how stuff should look like.

I wanted it to have sci-fi elements at every level of gameplay (maybe except start from zero).
Mostly light stuff, not big lists of recipes that are hard to maintain.

Some of the ideas to give it a direction:

[ul][li]Craftable laser weapons, to sink electric power into, but not too good[/li]
[li]Exoskeleton that boosts strength (like artifact) when powered, but takes some extra power when turning on (to prevent tedious flipping on/off from being optimal)[/li]
[li]Atomic battery mod as something common rather than endgame thing no one uses. Also minireactors.[/li]
[li]Cloning facility in labs[/li]
[li]Craftable drugs that increase night vision (or at least just pure perception), craftable combat drugs that boost dex+str, but also conflicts between those (could be implemented as mutual resistance making both of them suck if both are active). Long term - think more Witcher elixirs than adrenaline shot.[/li]
[li]Not too many firearms, but perfectly usable pipe guns[/li][/ul]

As for the theme, I imagine it roughly as Fallout meets Stalker: common radiation, mutant animals, drunks with plasma weaponry, a bum in the background warming up next to a trash can filled with green, glowing goo. Light, non-serious, without explicit jokes, a bit morbid.
One thing I’d like to address but I’m not sure how would be addictions: in BN, they’d be a fact of life, not something you avoid completely. The question would be not if you’re addicted, but to what. I’m thinking no growing penalties for severe addictions (just a single level of addiction), easy addiction acquirement but slow removal, and partially overlapping roles so that you want to be addicted to one/two drugs and not 5.

I don’t have a good idea for vehicles (other than more common minireactors). Making fuel rare would hurt gameplay, but I don’t really see gas guzzlers fitting in.

Alright I think Im going to add right now:

-Better toxic waste dumps. (Full of mutant insects of course)
-Crafting recipe for plutonium cells:
Grind Nuclear waste rods into plutonium slurry->cans+circuitry+slurry->makeshift plutonium cells (radioactive probably)
-Assorted atomic Vehicles.

The first and last should be very straightforward

How about blob power armor. Well, power armor is a bit of a stretch-name wise. Basically, a full-body suit of blob. It needs fuel, perhaps some sort of slurry using protein powder and mutagen and blob globs.

Anyway, full body armor. When inactive, it’s encumbering and not very good with regards to protection. When active, offers a fair amount of defense, far from being close to power armor, but good enough… like basically a means for any survivor with mutated anatomy to have a decent full-body armor option. Perhaps different armor can be crafted that’ll offer different effects, like an acid armor that’ll spray acid like a corrosive zombie whenever it gets hit. Or something that’ll spawn friendly blob meat shields, with a chance of spawning hostile blobs.

Blob construction is a blazemod theme.
BN sci-fi is supposed to be more “SCIENCE!” than soft sci-fi of wearing a molded alien organism around self.

Probably not waste, but having a small nuclear power plant with usable rods (in a highly radioactive reactor, of course) that can be jury-rigged into cells would work.
One problem is that they would probably have to be same type as regular ones. Which isn’t that much of a deal, as radioactive items can be safely handled with a bunch of tricks anyway.