Construction Zones with tasks that have multiple stages?

Not sure if I’m doing something off or missing something but there are a couple of times where I’ve had a construction that has multiple stages. When setup in the zone it only seems to do a single stage (base stage I suspect) and nothing else.

I’ve goofed around to try and select the stage for the zone but that didn’t seem to work out. The most recent example is I’m trying to do remove grass. It has removed all the tiles for ‘grass’ but not ‘long grass’ nor ‘tall grass’ which is within the zone setup.

Using ; (semicolon) near only one tile type, it looks like remove grass stage/variant 1 is the ‘grass’ tile and stage/variant 2 is the ‘long grass’ though setting the zone up for ‘long grass’ didn’t seem to work out.

not sure what to do/try…

Spent some more time playing around and I’m pretty sure there isn’t currently a way to do multi variant/stage construction via zones, put a ticket up on github requesting an expansion to this feature.

Working on it currently.

It can do two-stage pre-requisite construction, but not 3-stage doors and walls.

What it does when you lay down a blueprint construction for a door, is it looks at what is required to build the final-stage of a door, and sees if its possible to build a half-built door, it isnt because half-built door requires door frame, and it dosnt look 2 pre-requisites deep.

IM currently working on it to enable 3-stage construction from blueprints.