Zoning Tools Improviments and Options?


I don’t know if it’s supposed to be posted here, but i had some little ideas to improve the automation for those whom like building some personal bases.
Using the Zoning tools and creating an “Construction:Plot” so you can mark out an large area, like a large line and automatically construct things there. For example, an Construction Plot : Wood Wall. The game search nearby if there are the materials and tools, and if yes, when you press “O” an option to “Build Construction Plot: Wood Wall” could appear and be done.

Other options, seen that there are already on the Farm:Plot the tiling and auto-planting seeds, why not an “Clear:Rubble” and “Dig Pit Shallow/Deep” options?
Those would help for those who want to make some base defending, and sincerally, would speed up the game.

I think, this could be a nice option to be added in.
The Zoning tools are great, and could be really expanded.
For example, for construction you could have something similar to the “Mark firewood source” to 'Mark Construction Material source"

Anyway, if i’ve posted on the wrong place, please direct me to the right one!
Also, sorry for any big grammar erros, english isn’t my native language =z

It would automate the build process, but I am just asking for anyone able to answer. If something like this were implemented how would sleeping, eating, and drinking be handled? If it takes 3 days to build so many tiles of walls, for example, would it be possible to stop and come back later to finish? I believe I read that you can currently press ‘5’ to stop and take care of needs, then resume task but I have not attempted to do this so at this point can not verify it. Does it work for constructions as well?

Something along these lines would be nice tho. Saving tons of keystrokes to build on to your farm house or whatever.

Maybe, an option to warn you when you go from normal to tired/thirsty/hungry, (Press Y to stop, N to continue) and a new message for every new stage of the needs?
About the constructions, it may look on the tile, if it’s construct able, it’ll go on and construct action on that tile. If not been able to , it could ignore it?

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I know Kevin was interested in getting some things automated, (its nice to see progress on that front ^.^) and in making ‘fortified’ zones that the game would recognize as zones that zombies can’t spawn in until the zone is broken.

This seems like a pretty reasonable next step to the first, and makes me thing the two may end up bridging together, at least in the menus.

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