There is a broken console in my temporary safehouse/evac shelter that I want to remove, so I started smashing it with my crowbar. After 87 Thump! messages, the stubborn console is still standing there. I cant deconstruct via the contsructin menu. Can I tear it down with a sledgehammer or something?

You might want to make some pipebombs and blow the thing up! (Though it might blow part of your sheter too)

I prefer using explosives on zombies and gas stations. Could I smash it down with a sledge?

Right now there is no way to remove consoles, ovens, rope and pulley systems and other things other than to blow them up or run them over with a car. Maybe use a jackhammer but that doesn’t always work either. I would leave the console if possible you are probably going to blow a hole in your wall and trust me that is a lot more annoying than a broken console.

What I do is edge it out with several explosives, this has minimal collateral damage but costs several explosives, I highly recommend first testing the exact radius of the explosive if you’re unsure about it at all. The trick with explosive demolition is to drop them into place unless you have a high throwing skill, C4 is best for this as it can have a long timer.
A quick test took 5 grenades to wreck the console while avoiding any collateral damage, which is quite inefficient.

Building a 1 tile wide hole punching vehicle would probably be much easier, as long as you have the driving skill to not wreck the walls accidentally.

Well, thats a bit over complicated for a single console. I cleared a FEMA camp and moved there so it doesnt matter anyway. Thanks for the replies.