Comparison: CDDA VS. AAA Gaming


The prospect frightens me. I have been away from modding FO3 and Morrowind for a few years now. Nothing new will work with my version and the game has been set to forget when I modified it with friends years ago.

The last time I set it up for good in a super stable form. It took me 3 weeks to add everything into the game. Everything was from top tier modders doing custom jobs and I just happened to be in on all that close to the point when everyone moved over too FO3. We began on that game next and even then I haven’t played that in a few years now. Sorry mate. Only thing I keep up with now is Stalker and CDDA.


as a player of CDDA and involved with modding and seeing the game improvement, i can say that even CDDA is designed as a simple game with both ASCII and SDL tiles graphic, i love how the game has this uniqueness : Open-World, Crafting, survival, Rogue-like game

all of them fits into me because im a kind of person who loves sandbox, open world games with survival and RPG-like progression like stats and skills and stuff and has a challenge of roguelike games where death is not an option but rather a challenge. CDDA offers me a quality that is on par with games i’ve ever played (Skyrim, State of Decay, and bunch of indie survival games). the game is free but gives me a same quality as a 100$ game… and hell i’ve even got my first JSON modding knowledge from this game thanks to help of community and github members. this also proves my theory that graphic are not the main standard of a game, its the content, gameplay, and challenge it offers to the player.


I honestly love the ASCII graphics, like Duskers it puts me in the mind of a world where after the Commadore games focused on depth and the intricacies, like what CDDA, Angband, and DF give us instead of graphics.
I do like graphics at the same time, Halo wouldn’t have been possible without them. But there is a longing for that alternate reality


I can play with ascii, but I’d rather use retrodays if I wanted that feel, but I play with tilesets because it makes exploration and looting faster.


Undeniably true, I have to agree there