A new player's Thanks and Thoughts

First up, I would just like to say that I recently found CDDA and I just fell in love with it. It is really such a great game. I remember the first time I survived past a day, and the first time i killed the different zombies that were each so different. And the moment where you just get so excited seeing a bunch of food items in the fridge of a house or vending machine.

I would like to thank the developers for constantly updating the game and making new contents for the players, such as the AI faction camp, AI dialogues and melee improvement at this stage. Even though it is an open sourced project, but everyone must love it to always think of ways to improve it.

I would also like to thank the older and more experienced players for answering new players questions and giving tips and know-hows on the game. Especially to those who even made tutorial videos for the newer players so that they can adapt into the game better. It really helps, thank you!

Next up is some of my personal thoughts regarding the game. I saw on the forums and sites that older players in the late game stage are generally more bored because they do not have much else to do. This is as opposed to the early stage where it is much more exciting and harder to survive. Of course, it should be easier to survive at that point because of all the different firearms, armours ,skills, CBMs and mutations that you have. But it might be more exciting to have other things to do at that stage.

Regarding the thoughts I have, I would be glad if in the future there could be contents such as whereby:

1- The days ahead which got darker, whereby the blob enemies evolve into forms to actively seek the living survivors out to free their brethren brothers and sisters trapped in our bodies. So perhaps there could be a war between the factions and the undeads, or factions alliance to oppose them. You might want to find and fortify a static base against unexpected ambushes, as compared to a mobile base.

2- Where dawn finally comes after dusk. Basically the player character can do a end game quest to find a cure (maybe with a group of scientists) to snuff out the life of those blob bastards, thereby saving the Earth. I know that there is currently a Ascension mod where the end game goal is to ascend to godhood. So perhaps you can choose to become a god in a post-apocalyptic world, or try to save the entire world and return it to Human’s hands.

3- This is regarding books and skill levels. I personally think that it is too easy to increase the skill level with a book. Of course, the higher skill level books are more rare, but it isn’t realistic to improve your skill level so much just by reading books. I feel that the books should just give crafting recipes that we can do.
I recall reading on the forum where one of the developer mention a ’ Insight ’ stats when reading books. I feel that it is a much better way whereby higher insight gives more exp to crafting and leveling. This way, we actually have to craft stuffs (even those we don’t need) to get levels instead of just reading a book. And getting a book will make us level faster, as it gives us the knowledge we need.

Anyway, those are the thoughts I currently have. Thanks for reading till here and please let me know your thoughts!


This is come up a number of times (I can dig up some threads if you really want) The basic answer is undoing the cataclysm is not ok lore wise. You could find a safe fortified village and call it quits but you can’t wipe the blobs out of existence.

Sounds: FUN!

i am curious on why we can’t wipe the blobs out. Currently how I think of the blobs is that they are sentient ‘parasites’. And humans are great at killing things. So I was thinking perhaps they could find a substance , a biocide, on the blob.

i know right :slight_smile:

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Mainly a numbers problem… humans already lost the war. There are only supposed to be a few thousand people left on the planet. In comparison you have billions of blobs plus whatever else happens to be in the hostile dimensions now linked to earth.

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Well, not all dimensions are necessarily full of jerks or monsters. There would bound to be other races that got fucked over by the blob just like we did, and their survivors would undoubtedly have an axe to grind. Some might have even managed to repel or contain it. If we could find them, they might be willing to cooperate, or provide refuge. There could be habitable dimensions that the remaining humans could evacuate to as well.

Even if Earth is lost to us, extinction is NOT an option.

Also, I LIKE the evolving blob idea, you should submit it on the newest “needful things” thread

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Maybe you could band together what remains of humanity and use your resources to escape to another dimension and “win”.

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Personally I think the next phase of the game should move logically from “how do I survive and thrive” into “how do I help others survive and thrive”. Once the player is a posthuman demigod, the logical next step is to use that power somehow with other survivors. Do you become a warlord? A noble protector? A wise leader? An outlaw? In movies of the same genre, generally the story starts with battle to survive and progresses to meeting other survivors.

I think the dev is already going this way. I can’t wait to take my superhuman survivor and gather up NPCs to build a survivor town. Even if I’m unstoppable, it will add a level of challenge to keep a town of silly NPCs safe.


I think on the topic of books being empowering. This is kind of a catch 22. On the one hand saying books are rare assumes people are generally stupid…and you would be correct. HOWEVER! lol People still have books and they are EVERYWHERE.

The only way I can think of curbing instant godly status with books. Is to assume recipes exist with a larger assortment of books/digital sources to collect.

In practice the toon would have to collect many tomes and other snippets of information. Such as off phones/tablets/computers including laptops. While memory units requiring the information on them to be read(assuming they had anything informative) by such devices.

Not only would this provide balance to learning. It would stretch the time frame from start game to instant all knowing deity.


Logical locations of information could also be utilized. A zombie soldier could have a memory device or phone or something with how to make certain weapons or tool mods etc.

A swimmer zombie may have a phone with knowledge of dodging better for a skill gain etc.

I’d be interested in seeing a wider range of books in the game, with individual books having less importance. I do think that learning skills from books serves a major role in keeping this from being a grinding game… Nothing breaks immersion for me quite like “make ten antennas to reach electrical skill 2”.

I just want hordes to grow more and more able to track the player so groups will start showing up at your base with the means to break in.

If you have wander spawns on that already happens to a degree, unless you clear a larger area, but if you want “zombies” to come from miles away to get the player I don’t see how that fits.