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Just a random post…

I recently got Fallout 76, I got it cheap before anyone says anything, so i’ve been spending the past few weeks playing that.

Checked back on here to see what i’ve missed and i’m shocked. Shocked I tell you!..
I forgot that the devs actually talk to us on here!

I’ve run into a few bugs and posted a couple of threads on their forum asking about them. Thurns out a few people have the same issues, some from day one. The thing that gets me is no-one official bothers to say if they know about the issues and are working on them. I come on here and there’s a new bug thread everyday, with a reply from a dev!

For a small team compared to bethesda, little things like that are much appreciated!


Yeah, the devs play the game aswell, which is why you get that connection, because we all love the game and want to see it become better, become the game we want it to be.

With a game like Fallout, I bet you anything when the devs get home from a crushing day of deadline crunch the last thing they wanna do is play Fallout, they are probably sick of it, they probably hate it.

With a volunteer-contributed open-source game, it can be much more of a labour of love, picking the best fruit from the tree of additions, instead of the sour droppings of someones wage-slave labour :smiley:

Also the “Team” on cdda might actually be prett large if we include all contributors.

Or it’s just money orientated (from the management, not the devs/art team). Basically, people can have working code, that never gets merged because “deadlines/money” management. :frowning: