Coleen's Tileset [UPDATED Sept 8, 2014]

Today i’ve opened the tileset png and i’ve noticed that some sprites are missing. (or quite out ot date i suppose)
I’ve pixeled a couple of them in the tileset style (or so i whould…) I don’t know if the game uses it, anyway…
This sprites haven’t been tested. Actually i don’t know how to do it, but they should fit well. Pixel more, pixel less… XD

I’ve done a pig and a horse. Tell me if you’ll use this and if you need more. I may find some time to pixel some. :3
Obv, it’s all free and you can modify them. (or trash them, too)

EDIT: I’ve tried to attach them but seems that the forum is full.
I’ll upload it freely on tinypic, but you have to know that tinypic delete images quite often.

I"ll keep you in mind, Flame, thanks!

I’d like to see how far I can get, but if I do need help, you’re first on my list :smiley:

Ah! I see!
Then, good luck! >:3

Why i can’t see mines with this tileset? I’ve enough perception (i think… it’s 11) and i can’t see mines a tile away from me. o.o

Mines are just a little different than plain ground. They are visible, although not so clear.

Uh, if it’s possible to mistake a “buried land mine” tile for a “dirt” or “grass” tile, then the tileset is giving less information than the ASCII. That’s an Interface Screw.

If the mine’s being detected (the character passed the perception check) then the player needs to clearly see that there is a mine there. “Not sure if there’s a mine” is the Suspicious Mound of Dirt, and “can’t see anything” doesn’t draw anything special.

I like it. I even like the current way the mines/etc. look. Very pretty.

Question: if i run and i keep pushing left button and i step on a mine, is then possible that i’ve skipped the “are you sure you wanna step on a land mine? y/n” message?
'cuz if not, then in that eposode i’ve not detected the mine.

Anyway i’m sure that the other detected mines near there wasn’t so visible. I know so 'cuz i’ve sligtly edited the tileset and i had to test a lot what tile was the mine one, so i’ve found a mine before that. I’m not going to public it anyway. That’s a sort of “hack” of the game, afterall, and it’s quite easy to do too. Probably i can see all the mines now, not sure, but i die everydays so haven’t changed nothing in my BAD way to play. XDD

Irony: The mound of dirt is easier to spot than the landmine background. Yes, this means that higher perception makes it harder to spot minefields. =D

So, what would resolve this mine visibility issue WITHOUT breaking the mechanic of having to detect the mines with perception? It sounds like the art assets are undermining the mechanic.

Be specific, and we can fix it.

Pushing for an expanded release this weekend. We’re not done yet, but we’ve got a pile of new tiles added!

Could the graphic for a buried mine look like the little red flags from Minesweeper? That way, if you’ve detected it (ie. the game shows the buried landmine tile instead of just a dirt mound) it’s easily visible in the interface.

[quote=“Gideon, post:29, topic:5455”]So, what would resolve this mine visibility issue WITHOUT breaking the mechanic of having to detect the mines with perception? It sounds like the art assets are undermining the mechanic.

Be specific, and we can fix it.[/quote]

OK. I’ve loaded up the tileset and had a look; yeah, the buried land mine really does blend in if I didn’t know to look for 'em. Couple different ways I can think of to fix, but I’m no tileset artist so feel free to improvise:

  1. The non-buried land mine looks great. Making the buried land mine that same color/brightness but with the overlay should make it visible enough, I think. Here’s a mockup I made in Paint: hardly ready for prime time, but brightening a few pixels here and there seemed to make the mine much more visible.

  2. A “T” or “!” marker similar to the “no tile” marker, used whenever there’s a Trap! detected. Will get people’s attention, but looks tacky.

  3. Overlaying a white target-ring similar to the yellow one you use for the targeting-cursor would likewise give contrast. Dunno whether it’d be more or less garish than the marker.

Thanks for your time and consideration; I know I hate it when people snipe at my work so I imagine you aren’t thrilled to have me picking away here. Good tilesets make the game much more enjoyable for folks and I appreciate your efforts.

Just a little point: the map spawned bear traps looks exactly like a buried mine. Is that ok…?

Hey, I love this tileset, but I have a request: could you add a black outline around the ; tiles and other “doesn’t have a picture yet” entries? They’re often hard to pick out against the much more detailed actual background tiles.

Keep up the good work!

Weekend passed, so when we can expect new release? :slight_smile:

Sorry about that. We got assaulted by ESO.

I’m getting Coleen back on task tonight.

Should have a next release shortly.

I’m experimenting to resolve the mine issue. Might not be this next release.

Hiya - I love this tileset - so few missing tiles and the artwork looks great.

Could I request that the (currently missing) reinforced door and reinforced boarded up window tiles be created (or copied from the non reinforced versions) - my evac shelter looks a little wierd at the mo.


Right! Currently working on the reinforced doors and windows. Looking to have a release by tomorrow evening at this rate.



dont forget the flowers (dahlia and bluebells) :slight_smile: