What cures colds? I have a cold and my cold medicine isn’t stopping the symptoms anymore.

From my experience it’s like a cold in real life, you pretty much have to wait it out.
Or it could be… well… I’d rather not spoil it…

Royal jelly and I think theres a bionic for it. That said Cough syrup will never remove the entirety of symptoms, if that’s what you mean with cold medicine not working.

Cold medicine still reduces coughing and reduces the strength penalty to -1 from -3 or w/e. At least in the experimental.

Colds in Cataclysm: DDA are just like real life: some medications, comfy bed and a delicious soup of chicken :3

get “some” food and water to survive something about 3 days without looting get warm clothes and sleep in bed if you can

My alter ego has got a cold and it still hasn’t worn off. Makes me really angry.

maybe take vitamins too? everyday 2 per day (1 morning, 1 evening)?

edit: i2amroy says

How does one waste vitamins? You get like 40 a house.

“Waste”, as in, “has absolutely no effect and you might as well just be burning them, since that at least gives you warmth”.

That said the health rework that’s currently underway may change some of the numbers involved for that, but there will definitely still be a cap where it just isn’t helpful to keep stuffing vitamins down your gullet.

Royal Jelly removes the cold but doesn’t fix your health stat; that’s where vitamins or the aug (Leukocyte Breeder; artificially stimulate white blood cell production) come in. Health at 0 or less leaves you increasingly open to colds and flu.

As everyone else said, get your hands on some royal jelly. You can find them in scientific basements quite often, and beehives (although you probably shouldn’t raid one whilst you have a cold.) Caffeine pills can pretty much counter the symptoms apart from strength, which is a real bummer. I would just recommend having a nice little nap; if you have to fight do it with ranged weps.

Caffine and Booze.
Caffine to stimulate most other stats aside from strength,
Booze to get you buzzed and therefor stronger.

So basicly chug a few barrels of Irish Coffee.
If you’re liver doesn’t fail, you are effectively god.

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