Unending Disease (Bug, or am I missing something?)

I give up. I’m on my fourth “common” disease in a row. I’m over it for one turn, then immediately “You feel a cold/flu coming on”.

I don’t get it.

I eat vitamins, water, cooked meat.
I keep myself dry, and at comfortable temperature since day 1.

The only thing I can’t keep at “ideal” conditions is fatigue, I literally can’t sleep enough after two weeks of this.

Two. Fucking. Weeks.

Is there a debug command to show my hidden “health” stat? I feel like it’s bugged.

After checking the RAW files, it seems vitamins have a “health” modifier of 0. Which means contrary to the description, they do absolutely nothing.

Is this intentional? The only use of them otherwise is manufacture of chemicals.

Though this doesn’t fully help explain what the fuck is going on with my character’s health.

Whelp fuck it. Froze on a black screen.

Cataclysm REALLY REALLY doesn’t want me playing.

OK something is very wrong.

I start a new character, he gets sick before the first day is over.

Debug in a bunch of royal jelly.
Cure cold with jelly
You feel a cold coming on
Cure cold with jelly
You feel a cold coming on
Cure cold with jelly
You feel a cold coming on
Cure cold with jelly
You feel a cold coming on
Cure cold with jelly
You feel a cold coming on
fuck it I gave up after over a dozen jellies

Wait period between cold/flu is within the 300-1800 heartbeats waiting period.
Of course within hours the character is from perfectly fine to dead tired.

Is this a bug then?

Is there some infection mechanic I’m not aware of?

Spawned in 100 Jellies and began eating them as fast as possible.
Just before his heart stops:
“You feel a cold coming on”

Motherfucker. Jellies have a “healthy” modifier of +3.

I’m assuming you went through a drug withdrawal at some point? Right now there is a bit of a bug where a drug withdrawal will take you stat far, far, into the negative. Turn debug messages on (by default it’s ‘~’) and walk around for a bit until it gives you a “health: -XXXX” type message. Turn debug messages back off, divide that number by 100, and wish yourself that many vaccine shots. Take them all and the problem should go away.

And vitamins/vaccine shots do increase your health, it’s just that they do so through the iuse, not through the health stat. This allows them to have limits to how much they can increase your health to (10 and 100 respectively) instead of stacking infinitely and leading to the old “eat every vitamin as soon as you get them” type thing.

Health was nearly -800
Vaccine shots worked

Thank you. Game was unplayable with a build that was working fine some-odd versions ago.

Ah, so season-long diseases after alcohol withdrawal is a bug, not a feature. Guess the hobo profession is more challenging than intended as of now. Good to know.