Coil gun takes 5 days to build and deals 7 damage?

As the name says. So coil gun is the highest-tier energy-based ranged weapon I could build, spent 5 days building it, hoping that I’m missing something important about its stats, but after building it I still don’t get it: isnt its damage just far too low for its tier? Even bows (that are relatively weak themselves) seem to have higher damage, and basically any firearm of similar tier has like 10x damage. What am I missing?

It’s not high tier, there’s no tier of things in dda anyway. The coilgun is a difficult garage tinkering project, it’s cool, it’s kinda dangerous but it’s not a good weapon and it’s certainly not better than an actual gun made in a factory.


it is made of scrap So don’t know what to expect

i mean… ‘highest tier you can build’ is still not gonna compare when we’re talking about any of the lab-made energy weapons like the fusion gun or the fusion blaster

and there’s mods that add in slightly easier to find but also more expensive (use either UPS or high tier plutonium batteries by the bucketload) like the KRX-108 laser lmg, the MX-84 laser sniper and the XARM-37 pulse scatter gun… which i believe are all CRIT mod weapons? i could be wrong i’ve got lots of mods on.

Spoilers, please. I clearly have not found those yet, and I don’t want to know what they are before I find them.

you’re complaining that your energy gun is weak, implying you want to know about stronger ones

… i didnt mention even half of the energy-type weapons, just two that can be found in labs.

let me put it this way… the makeshift ‘guns’ you can make out of pipes and whatnot are very strong for what they’re made of, but thats only because they’re using a standard ammunition. you can make your own ammo, but it takes a LOT more time and effort to do that as compared to some arrows, or in the case of the coil gun, making nails… or more accurately bashing a fence down for nails. it also uses UPS power though.

on second glance, the coil gun isnt nearly as bad as it looks either, because it has a burst fire mode of 10 shots that can be used at close range with relatively little aiming (doing upwards of 40 damage)

40 nails to kill a triffid after aiming, not bad.

of course it doesnt do jack-diddly against anything with higher armor

If you’re looking for a high damage craftable weapon, I’d suggest the blunderbuss. It’s fun for skeletal juggernauts.

  1. This is a makeshift coilgun, made of junk in a garage. Don’t expect it to be high-tier weapon;
  2. It still has some advantages: don’t need powder for ammo and has not-so-bad armor pierce level, IIRC (especially when equipped with flechettes instead of nails)
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So the reason I assumed that coilgun was terrible compared to other similar weapons is because a lower-tier easier to build shoddy laser rifle was just better in almost every aspect. Only later i realized that coilgun is vanilla and the laser rifle was aftershock, so it’s not really appropriate to compare them.

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I used Coilgun for a long time and I can say, it’s quite reliable. It uses very common ammo, it’s accurate, it’s easy to fix, it’s neither jamming nor get dirty. Unlike laser weapons, it’s not gluttonous for UPS charges. With solar backpack, you can sustain dense firerate for a long time.
It’s a perfect “wheelhorse”, a weapon to shoot weak enemies and exercise rifle skill.