Civillian Power Armor

This is my first mod and its fairly simple.
Any thoughts about it apreciated!

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Wait a sec. Mod dont work.

nevermind about all this, imma neeD to learn how to use github some more.

It looks like you were trying to upload the zip file to Github.

Instead, go to the repository (where your files are/will go) and click ‘upload files’. Then select the json that are in your mod and hit ‘commit changes’.

Don’t use the zip, just select the actual files.

If the mod doesn’t ‘work’ at all, that’s a different discussion.

Oh, ok! Hsgahsgsghhxjahw

It works! Ghesbbbhwhdhsh

So what does this actually do? What’s the difference between regular and civilian power armor? Is this armor more common? I’m a bit curious.

It’s a slightly less pricey and more common version of power armor, i just dont know how to edit item spawn groups.

Lil' example:
    "type": "item_group",
    "id": "shirts",
    "items": [
      [ "tshirt", 80 ],
      [ "longshirt", 80 ],
      [ "polo_shirt", 65 ],
      [ "dress_shirt", 60 ],
      [ "tank_top", 50 ],
      [ "sweatshirt", 75 ],
      [ "sweater", 75 ],
      [ "hoodie", 65 ],
      [ "under_armor", 20 ],
      [ "jersey", 40 ],
      [ "camisole", 60 ],
      [ "tie_clipon", 10 ],
      [ "tie_necktie", 10 ],
      [ "tie_skinny", 10 ],
      [ "tieclip", 5 ],
      [ "collarpin", 5 ],
      [ "postman_shirt", 5 ],
      [ "halter_top", 50 ],
      [ "linuxtshirt", 10 ],
      [ "sleeveless_tunic", 5 ],
      [ "poncho", 20 ],
      [ "Civilian_depower_armor", 2 ]

You can add your power armor as part of the normal house clothing :+1:

Thank you, i’ll do that right away!

Done, Civilian power armor now spawns as a suit!

How rare is the power armour?

You might want to add
“category”: “items”
to your modinfo.json.
Also, from what I’ve experienced when making my own minor modifications, if you add an item group with the same ID as an already existing one your data is appended to the existing item group instead of replacing it. If I’m wrong hopefully someone who learned how the actual source code works will correct me.

Thanks! I’ll fix that!

Done… goddamn 20 chars.

It has a 2% chance to spawn in areas where suits spawn.

hi i found a typo in your mod unallowing Civilian depower armor to spawn, i have fixed it in my mod compilation
[“Civillian_depower_armor”, 3],
[“power_armor_Civillian”, 2]
i changed them to (correct spelling for civilian)

before  ["Civillian_depower_armor", 3],
before ["power_armor_Civillian", 2]
after  ["Civilian_depower_armor", 3],
after ["power_armor_Civilian", 2]
before = "id": "power_armor_Civillian",
after = "id": "power_armor_Civilian",