Armour for mutated tail?

So after finaly getting enough lizard serums into my sistem I managed to grow a tail and for that I’ve been thinking, why are there no special clothing items related to them ?
There are various things you could do such as sewing in a spike at the end to give cutting damage if the tail has a whip attack or maybe strap in extra pouches on it at the cost of losing the balance bonus that they give and even attach in armour to them, even if there is no specifc encuberment location I’ve already have seen items that don’t encumber you anywhere so I don’t think it’l be that hard to implement.
For references I checked out this armour mod for skyrim and it includes a leather patch in the upper end of the argonian PC so I think it could be implemented here in Cata for players to craft, it’s not like we don’t have mutation specific clothing items(XL gear and Tentacle stockings).

Because we haven’t coded wearable weapons.

Well just keeping the suggestion anyway, what about the extra pouches then?

Just… We don’t have a body part for tail.

As it stands there is no “tail” body part, just a “torso” And it should probably stay that way, there’s not really any reason to add a special-case body part. I wouldn’t worry about having tail specific “bags” seeing as there are enough assorted bags as is to get your volume so damn high that you collapse from the weight before you run out of room to carry your crap.

Plus, adding a bag that fits over a body part that tapers off will just slide off when weight is applied alongside gravity.

Well, there is a reason to add a special-case body part, and that’s cause he just grew one. Why can’t I just not heal my tail and let it get hammered by zombies enough for it to come off one way or another, leaving my torso bleeding and tailless, it is a mutation after all. And besides, if I had grown a tail in an apocalypse, I didn’t feel up to hacking it off, I probably would want to at least cover it up, armour it maybe. I understand it’s not easy to code any of this, we haven’t even gotten to weapon armour, but just don’t deny it a place on the to-do list.

No, not really. Adding additional body parts involves a fair amount of infrastructure and UI work, more so if they’re conditional. If you provide the code and it works, I’ll gladly merge it in, as would any other dev. Ditto if someone else does it. You want to hack off your own tail (which, like amputating most any other limb, would cause a helluva lot of pain and blood loss, good chance of infection, and quite possibly lead to your dying as a result), you can PR that too and we’ll kick it around.

I’ve considered giving post-Threshold Lizards the Detachable Tail that some have IRL; would be a few days’ work, I’d imagine. Most tails are NOT evolved to detach without seriously harming their owners.

Be me. Get home from work. Check a thread I spoke in earlier.

This about sums things up for me:

Having some time to sit and think rationally I would just like to point out it’s one thing to have a tail “sock” that’s stitched to your pants, it’s another thing entirely to just belt a sack to your tail. That said adding a special case body-part that takes damage really isn’t high on the to-do list because of the other things that need done, as KA said however you’re welcome to do the work yourself. (…You’ll have my personal hatred and thanks at the same time but yeah.)

On a related note, just “letting it get damaged until it’s broken” would best case result in loosing it, but what’s more likely is you’d end up with necrotic tissue hanging off your spine (because that’s what a tail attaches to.)

On a side note, if you’re going to add the ability to ‘loose’ broken parts, might want to apply it to arms and legs as well. People have been asking about that for awhile, as well as bionic replacements. If you’re going for the golden brownie points on the forums that is.