Hackerman question in 0.F-3

Looking at the things that happened from 0.E to 0.F3, I can’t help but wonder: has the mechanics of hacking robots been improved?
I clearly remember that before you could create an almost infinite computer for a simple cost that could hack a robot and make it fight on your side, but nothing more. have you added the possibility of a kind of robot control?

I’ve tried a lot of game options:
I played for mutants, cyborgs, squishy, allergic to life with poor eyesight and asthma, but all this eventually turned into a simulator very quickly-a fleeing survivalist who lives in a bunker in the middle of a field go into an unstoppable death machine.

I remember that there was such a thing as a radio-controlled machine, so I thought: it would be interesting to play for a squishy hacker, to have only 1-2 manhacks from the very start, good knowledge of electronics and a hacking computer. It would be magical to be able to directly control the intercepted robots, explore dangerous places for the presence of value without endangering your character.

it sounds like something very cheater, but when you remember how difficult it will be to restore and capture resources and equipment, everything becomes more complicated, you are not a fighting machine, you control fighting machines. Because you can’t pick up a knife and kill zombies 1 at a time until you clear the whole city, you have to use robots with limited ammunition-this will require careful planning from you. This will make you really dangerous if you are lucky or you will do everything right, or you will lose all your robots and you will be doomed to try to achieve more being a frail hacker

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Hacking has been made much more difficult. The control laptop has been removed, so the only way to somewhat reliably knock out robotic enemies is scrambler grenades and a special weapon, both available only(?) through Hub01, gated behind a quest to destroy a killer robot (although EMP grenades are available at the site, if you can lure the robot away sufficiently to speed back to pick them up.
EMP attacks can knock out robotic enemies with a very low chance, about the same chance to kill them outright (normally two attacks are required), so somewhere along the lines of 5-10% of the time.

Any remote control is limited to at most the extent of the reality bubble, i.e. 60 tiles. For free roaming remote control you’d have to somehow be able to make the PC “become” the controlled robotic entity. While this is supported to some extent for human companions, a robot would be a challenge because that would have to somehow make a robot support everything(?) a human can do in terms of interactions, which will probably result in some spectacular failures before it works properly (assuming, of course, someone implemented it in the first place).

It can also be noted that acquiring the resources to construct new robotic minions isn’t easy, with days of item disassembly probably required to get the parts needed (and further scavenging to get the parts that are missing anyway).

Thats powerful, hard, true fun and chalange, soo thats not bad