Chopped Downed Tree

Can we make chopped down trees something like furniture instead of what they currently are? Taht way you should be able to "G"rab them and drag them around.

You mean he felled tree that’s still intact, or after it’s been cut into logs?

Still intact. Let logs be logs.

An average tree weighs several tons, you’re not draging that.

The average tree in New England does not weigh several tons. New England, for the most part, was clear cut by settlers. While you do get some that size, they are generally the exception rather than the rule. I think on my mother’s property, the house where I grew up, I’d say there maybe 10 that size? There are lots of smaller trees you could easily drag. So you simply need to set the trees weight based on size and the drag system would do the rest. For simplicity sake I’d say so much weight per tile as opposed to some random thickness variable? :stuck_out_tongue: And yes, I’ve done this things like pickup the end of a tree and drag it. Lived in Alaska where we cut our own firewood of the property we lived on.
PS: If it’s too big cutting it in the middle to make it smaller would also be an option. Logging is a pretty big industry in this state. Which is a good idea for a location. Logging site. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good link:

Maybe a system that requires a rope or vine to be in your inventory when dragging a tree (or other very heavy items).
You can drag a medium-sized trees in real life, but usually it requires either multiple people or using a rope.

i feel that this would need some changes to be done to trees themselves. Since the standard tree in game is big enough to block sight lines at ground level must be fairly big. Unless it is very short or if you want to say that your character doesn’t move there head to look around the tree at all. the trees in game i am gonna assume are fairly large. Now deppending on the species they will be more or less dense. And since there are already some named trees like maple, pine, birch and some other specific named trees i dont remember right now, The normal trees can be any types of trees new England has. Tilia americana is a fairly common hardwood in the new england area and it has an Average Dried Weight: 26 lbs/ft3 (415 kg/m3) and average Tree Size: 65-120 ft (20-37 m) tall, 3-4 ft (1-1.2 m) trunk diameter for i am guessing fairly mature specimens. Lets say we average with a 15 meter tall tree that has a 1 meter diameter. I ain’t no mathematician but google says 6225 kg. we can lower that since this isn’t minecraft and trees are not square and say 5000 kg. A character with 8 strength can hold 45 kg comfortably and even more if need be. Now maybe we add in randomization to trees so there size and weight differ upon being cut so some could be dragged with a rope or without one, some too heavy to be moved by the character without enough strength that borders unobtainable without debug. This would be something that could be added into the game as a lower priority since you can already chop trunks into logs and such and there are more pressing matters that needed to be fixed. Unless someone who knows how to do the magic coding would just put it in anyway since this is open source and anyone of us could do it if we had the knowledge.

Chiming back in as that guy who actually does logging every year: with a rope and two hooksi can easily drag a half ton of tree through a cleared path to where i cut it down and load up my cart. The only hard part of dragging a tree is getting past that initial coefficent of friction (K). Once it’s moving it takes a lot less effort to keep it going barring me dropping the pull rope.



This is average log weight calculator for various wood based on what you input. Diameter on small end to large end, length and type of wood. Density of wood to weight is already pretty much ‘known’.

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Living in New England as well. The average tree is about as high as a 3 story building if large and 2 story if medium. I dislike my forefathers for cutting down most of them. Kinda sad really =/

PS. Not sure the weight though. Certainly the average white pine should weigh about 500-800 pounds. Typically when we cut large trees around here. We tend to notch a a cheese wedge chunk out of it and push it over. The other method involves clearing the branches and climbing to the top. Then cutting your way down sideways to make chunks similar to Minecraft. Not sure how to write what I mean. We just do either method as a measure of practice. The fools who never did it and too foolish to ask ahead tend to make the local papers when the friggin tree lands on them lol XD

The Wedge method has been the method of tree removal for centuries as saws were prohibitively too expensive until the invention of the blast furnace in the 1800s made steel easier to make.

The first time I worked construction, I was absolutely shocked that a single weakling like me could haul around a 3x18", 60’ long plank of wood, as long as I found the center of balance and was on a flat surface. If I hadn’t done real work like that, there is no way I would believe a human could haul a tree (even a small one) by themselves.

That aside, the OP suggestion is a poor one. If you want to slow down zeds with difficult terrain, dig a pit or shallow mound. Being able to haul trunks around is useless for construction purposes. If you want to haul trunks somewhere convenient before chopping them up, it’s far easier to chop them up then load 2-3 logs into your inventory… Or use the “/” menu to move large stacks of logs… or build a draggable wooden vehicle…

It would take a ton of coding to make trunks draggable. It’s just not worth it.

the whole log/tree at once, sure, but each “trunk” section can be as draggable as any other furniture item. like dressers. yes, not realistic to be able to grab only a section of a tree but it’s a compromise.