Chopping Up Logs

When I tried to chop up a log it resulted in numerous smaller “log” entries that I couldn’t do anything with besides move, and which functioned as an infinite fuel source for fire. I’m relatively new to the game, and I had assumed this to be the norm. However, apparently you’re supposed to get two by fours instead? Such a wondrous thing would be incredibly useful, and instructions on whether I’m simply doing something wrong here would be nice. I’m assuming it’s a bug though.
(I think I might be using version .03, but I’m not quite sure. I downloaded the “.04” windows executable file from the site, but the MOTD says changes in .03. Forgive any newbiness on my part, please.)

There are two states of logs. The first is chopped up by using the construction menu to turn a “log” into many "log"s that can be carried. After that the next thing you do is to (a)ctivate a wood saw and you can chop the log into smaller 2x4’s that you can use to build things.

And the MotD has since been changed in the development version once somebody noticed it, that is, or at least was, a bug.

Ok, thanks! This is immensely helpful, now I can actually craft arrows without going through an entire forest.

Wood saw or wood ax works. Need to rename the log terrain to tree trunk.