Pine Bough materials question

Improvised Shelter seems to be balanced as though “Pine Boughs” are actually “Pine Branches”.

Given that a Pine Bough has volume 2 and weighs 0.5 lbs this seems correct
Given that killing a pine tree only gives you 2 boughs, this seems innacurate

Note: a true bough is the MAIN branch of a tree, and is quite large (easily a hundred pounds)

the other recipes seem to operate on the “branch” assumption as well. This leads me to believe there’s a disconnect between the visions of the original pine bough and what’s actually being used.

I think it would make sense to rename the boughs to “Pine Branch” and let you harvest from a pine tree several times before it dies.

This has bugged me for a while. The entirety of this pine tree has literally 2 branches and a handful of pinecones? I don’t get how that thing could be considered much more than a twig with precisely 2 branches. You should be able to physically kick the thing over if it’s that small. Like a Small Tree. But you can chop it down and get 2-4 huge-ass log segments to chop up from it?

Either oversight or someone does not understand what a pine tree looks like.

Since we’re at it, the fact that when you butcher a human corpse you only get 4 pieces of meat at the very best (high survival skill/good knife) and a handful of bones is ridiculous. Humans should drop a lot more meat.

I think it’s a pretty simple mistake, when coding the pine trees I’m guessing they thought it was actually a bough not just a branch.

An easy mistake to make, but one we should probably fix

I wouldn’t mind if Pine sap were added as a collectible resource with a faucet and bucket.

Its pretty much an ingredient you can use in pine tea, as an antiseptic and even a glue. (with the right materials of course.)

Just a nice woodsy alternative for those who need to create superglue or bandages/antiseptics.

Its also flammable…