Child mod or proffesion or trait added by dev's Please

You could be a child as a trait or something. Reduced weight and stuff I dont know sounds cool came up with it today.

This is a… really weird idea.

it wuld be kinda weard as the chield wields a Loded Rifle has grenades and its bleeding

But a miget trait wuld be much more apropriet

Well The Last of Us comes to mind…

I got it kinda from the last of us a litte bit of it.

Why wouldn’t there be children? The alternative is that they’re all dead, so I don’t think that’s any less gruesome…

1+ Want kids. That brings up a question that has really never been answer DDA-Lore wise: Do children inherent their parents mutations?

Most of what you’d want for a kid can be done by picking your stats appropriately. So that just leaves a profession for the right gear and if you combine it with higher Strength then we’re talking about a teenager.

Womble’s right, you can RP anything you want to be.

I mean, really, who’s to say that my chain smoker isn’t 12?

Mutations: no. Those are Blob- (or Mycus-) instigated changes to one’s physiology. At most it’s affecting your RNA to rebuild the horns/claws, etc as needed.

DNA and heredity shouldn’t be affected, unless you breach a Threshold or something, and even then that’d imply a full reproductive overhaul (probably a few mutations for that). And that’s extremely unlikely to get in. I’ve considered egg-laying mutations for Raptors, etc and dismissed 'em as Problematical.

How about instead of a Child option, you have a selectable age option? From child to really old person.

Younger characters heal faster, are more agile and physically fit, though very young characters might end up smaller and weaker once you get under your teenage years

Older characters are slower, heal less quickly, are less fit, but have more skills

Just RP it with traits.
Fast healer, bad back, think skin, thick skin. It’s all there.
Also karate chop for kids.

That move shouldn’t make kids. Unless I’ve been doing it wrong.

double movement cost for “taller” items ( counter, table, etc )

could make it even more interesting by adding a stepladder ( or stilts ) that remove said doubling

double movement cost for “taller” items ( counter, table, etc )

could make it even more interesting by adding a stepladder ( or stilts ) that remove said doubling[/quote]
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casanunda! :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m not really seeing any sort of traits that a child or teenager would have that couldn’t just be RP’d by picking the proper combination of stats and other traits.

While it’s true that you can RP as almost anything, it would be kind of cool if you could set your character’s age, if just to have it as documentation.

Even more win if a character actually ages by 1 year after 4 in-game seasons pass and dies of natural causes once old enough. It’d be funny to try and get a character from age 20 to 90.

Not saying it should be added, but I would find it amusing.

Lower Str and Per stats, lower speed (via a “tiny legs” trait debuff), and then have focus vary widly. Remove skill rust. Require less food and water. Require more sleep? Or perhaps alter the fatigue threasholds.