Chibi Utilica makes random flying TVs on the corners of tiles that nothing interacts with

I created 5 total worlds using Chibi Utilica in ALL of them, including the one with in-repo mods only there were random TVs in corners of some tiles. For a while I couldn’t figure it out and than I realized it was tileset. I than switched to normal Utilica and instantly the game crashed. When I started the game again my graphics menu was in Arabic (at least It looked like Arabic to me), ONLY the graphics menu and the word “language”, but the selected language still displayed as English and all my existing worlds were corrupted and I had to make a new one.

never knew tilesets could cause that kind of corruption. I personally just use the same tileset as rycon see links he has below in the video. if your looking for a stablish experimental version, I’m using 11560 without issues.

I got the version one after that

I can’t reproduce this bug, can you show us some screen shot or something? On latest version Chibi Ultica looks fine.

Sadly no, as 3 months ago a windows update made my computer unable to take screenshots and the times that I tried it said I needed to download a new application to do so and I never bothered.
I also have odd experiences in other games where I often have bugs that literally no one else does for no apparent reason (deus ex mankind divided just having a plot important character not exist with no reported cases at all on the internet.)
It is either a ridiculous coincidence that until I looked through ever tileset and than just stopped on chibi utilica I didn’t have issues with flying TVs and when I switched the game crashed the instant I switched to normal utilica and afterwords I didn’t have said issue but my existing worlds are corrupted and don’t work. Although I do also experience those as well in other games.

Although it is possible that if the game happened to crash on the moment tilesets were swapping which it did it could cause issues which is likely the cause for the issue with the graphics menu.

Ok, now I’m confused as I created a new world (just in case it would get corrupted) and was using chibi utilica and haven’t experienced it again. Somehow when I was first using it it was improperly loaded or something as I know longer have the issue when using it.
Also the worlds that were “corrupted” started working again I just had to use a different tileset in another world and than switch to chibi-utilica and the bug no longer exists in them either.

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