[v9 MA] Tilesets - incorrect representations

Hi, I’ve finished my tileset and expanded it to v9.
But as I’ve tested it, there were some representation problems.
I’ll explain it in detail.

The first problem I’ve noticed are wrong shown walls.
I thought, the backgrounds were wrong, but I couldn’t find a problem in my tileset.
But if you make some steps, the backgrounds switch to multiple different tiles.
Here is a screenshots:

The second bug I’ve noticed is a item representation bug.
You can’t see items on shelves, tables, benches and so on.
Here a screenshot:

There is also a strange bug, where you see an enemy, but actually there is no one.
Here are three screenshots, which show the same ingame moment.
First my tileset, then Deon’s and the last is ASCII, which works fine.

Transparente or not filling tiles have additional the texture 1 (player_male) as background.

I have also noticed wrong shown pool tables.

Cars are now really better shown in tilesets, but they should have multiple tiles one above the other.
And if the player goes into the car, all tile above him should disappear.
For example the emergency car: from outside you can see the red/blue lights AND the roof under them.
If you are inside, the lights and the roof will disappear and you can see the seats, controls and so on.

And I’ve tested, if the problems were caused by my tileset, but it seems to work well with v8.

Not 100% sure, but as far as the monster “bug”, in in the ASCII screenshot, 2 right and 1 up from the player, it looks to me like there actually IS a creature there. If you look in the ASCII screenshot where I stated, there is a grey period among the green and brown periods that represent the terrain. If you actually look at the tile in-game with ‘x’ I will almost guarantee there is a critter at that location. I could very well be wrong, but the ASCII seems to give evidence to my theory.

I’m pretty sure desrik is right on. I believe that spider is a benign, “non-monster-creature” or whatever.

If you move into the same space as it, it should (instead of the player-character automatically attacking) do a “you swap places with the _whatever_it_is”. It doesn’t show up on the radar thing because it isn’t technically a threat or worth mentioning.