Eye Bleeding Issue

Ultica is so cute to look at, but completely impossible to play with.
I try Ultica, enjoy it for a while, then i notice that i am unable to tell walls from floors, i can not see doors, i fail to trace walls and i have no idea what is a geometry of the room i am in.
then i switch to Newdays and accept its drawbacks for they are non-fatal.

am i alone with that?

Yea, I can agree, I don’t know about the cute part, but I think Ultica is a great tileset because of the realistic look. I personally don’t use it because it isnt the most complete. But its nice you found Newdays. I’ll be honest I can’t really place where I heard that… is it an ascii tileset?

Also I reccomend Msxotto+ for the most complete one that comes with the base game.

newdays is sort of “extended” ascii. it has a ton of non-ascii sprites but its overall geometry is well aligned like ascii.

Msxotto gives me the same confusion ultica gives but with less cuteness.

it is like the weiving angles are inconsistent between characters, walls, and furniture and altogether are redundant

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