Missing Tiles And Text

I fired up the game that I play on my laptop a little while ago after about 6 weeks of not playing, but i’m missing tiles and text.

Everything was working fine the last time I played and I even downloaded the game for a fresh run, but it still looks the same.

I’ve got the game on my desktop too, and that’s running fine. Could it be an issue with the laptop?

I’m playing the Hybrid Inventory build of the game.

Have you downloaded any mods or edited the files recently?
Cause it may be that somewhere along the line the files got corrupt. Fortunately recovering saved games is relatively easy since all you have to do is download a “clean” version and just transfer your save files. Although you may have to rebind your settings though…

Hadn’t touched the game or any files since I last played it.

Hybrid Inventory is a mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Estranged, you may want to check that you built it correctly from the source.

It’s a pre-built download.
It was running with no problems since I originally downloaded it.

I have sensed some disturbance through the soundset linked to tiles, so I would like to ask few questions.

  1. Have you updated tileset recently?

  2. Which tiles are missing?(namely, is any terrain linked to a wall or fence missing?)

I was missing road tiles (just tarmac ones, not the center “line” ones), couple of trees, grass, tables, and beds.

I think I figured it out though< chanGed tileset from msx++ to mshock24.

I did do a full re-install of windows thinking it might have been related.