Chesthole 7206 update issue

Okay, so, I updated to 7206 and loaded into my world. I’m using Chesthole32 tiles.

First, my mobile base had been parked 1 tile North of the Evac Shelter. Upon loading in, it was instead parked AGAINST the shelter. I climbed in and attempted to move forward, but found it was already at negative something speed with -80 intended speed and impacted the building. So . . . that was weird. I pulled forward anyway, just one tile and parked.

More importantly, though, the external tile for security cameras is now completely transparent, displaying the ground rather than a frame or the camera tile image.

I reverted to my previous version (7200) and reloaded the game. I found, once again, that my vehicle was parked against the building. Once again, I climbed in and started it, finding my momentum around -8 and displaying -80. Additionally, the security camera tile was restored.

Not sure why that happened, but you’ll probably just tell me that I shouldn’t update mid-game. Which, of course, is valid. Still, that random tile seems to be missing. It appears to be the only vehicle tile I could find that is missing. Wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this, so forgive me.

EDIT: I found the camera in the tile .png file, so I’m not sure why it’s not displaying. Is this my fault, somehow? Tried on a fresh world/game and the image was still missing post-update.

I just loaded a test world and spawned in a security camera, added it to a cargo truck, and yeah it turns the tile transparent, like nothing is on the tile.

Usually it is fine to update your game, mid game, but sometimes things can break. I usually update every time I play.

Maybe @Chezzo can shed some light on the security camera issue? Boy oh boy am I stoked the tile set update happened, can’t wait to check it all out!

I’ll take a look at it, thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: Got a PR up for ya:


Sweet, and thanks for the awesome update… am gonna play some now with chesthole32 set!